*Ageless Body Technique (Abs/Core/Glutes)

is the foundation of the Maya Method. You start by sitting on a mat and leaning back on a bosu (blue half-ball) at a 45 degree angle. This provides a comfortable support for your low back and the semi-reclined position forces your abdominal muscles to work. After each core exercise, you lay back on the bosu for a gentle stretch opening your upper back and releasing neck tension. The second half of class is the standing glute (butt) work. You flip the bosu so the flat side is up and you can stand on it. Because it is unstable, it makes each and every repetition more difficult and more productive. This ensures that you  fully fatigue and therefore strengthen the glute muscles. You finish class feeling stronger, calmer, more awake, cleansed and invigorated. Students should wear socks or go barefoot.


tones the back of your upper arms (triceps) and sculpts your shoulders (deltoids). By using light weights (1-2 pounds) you develop long, lean arm muscles. Your neck is supported by yoga blocks and towels so you simultaneously release neck stiffness and jaw tension. Students should wear socks or go barefoot.

*Brooklyn Booty

is a straightforward approach to developing the glute (butt) muscles. We explain, point by point, the form necessary to get the glute muscles firing. You learn, in detail, how to isolate the glute muscles so you can radically transform this part of your body.  (This class is NOT appropriate for those with low back or knee pain). Students should wear socks or go barefoot.

*Low Back Class

is a rehabilitative class specially designed for those with low back pain. Every exercise has been created to alleviate compression to the low back while reprogramming the muscle patterns to support and protect the low back. By training the abdominal/core muscles to be more active and training the back, neck and leg muscles to be more passive, the back has a chance to stabilize and heal.  Students should wear socks or go barefoot.

*Open Class

starts with 20 minutes of core exercises in a reclined position with the low/middle back supported by the bosu. For the next 40 minutes, you work on your own. The gives the teacher a chance to spend one-on-one time with you to address whatever specific needs you may have. The teacher rotates so that everyone in class receives individual attention.  Students should wear socks or go barefoot.


is a very challenging, full-body class that builds cardiovascular endurance.  Every exercise is done on the bosu the blue half-ball, whether you’re standing, jumping, sitting or kneeling on it. This class consists of lunges, jumps, planks and crunches. (This class is NOT appropriate for those with low back or knee pain). Students should wear socks or go barefoot.

* Indicates Maya Method Class


Foam Rolling

teaches you how to use a foam roller, a 3-foot long cylinder made of a soft, foam-like material. You learn how to release stiffness in your calves, knees, hips, low back and upper back. As your muscles relax, aches and pains simply fade away. This class also has a calming effect on the mind and the emotions.  Students should wear socks or go barefoot.


Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga

is an alignment-based flow to increase circulation to constricted muscles, ease tension around the joints and relax the mind. The last 15 minutes of class is a series of restorative yoga postures to calm the nervous system and allow for deep rejuvenation.  Students should wear socks or go barefoot.



is a Latin-inspired dance class created by Colombian dancer/choreographer Alberto Perez. Zumba is a fusion of salsa, samba, merengue, mambo, hip-hop, Bollywood and Belly dance. The Zumba class uses Latin music as well as Flamenco, Reggae, Bhangra, Tango and Hip Hop.  Beginners are welcome. No Zumba or dance experience necessary.  Students should wear sneakers. 


is a Brazilian art form fusing dance from Rio de Janeiro and Africa. Samba uses music with rich percussion rhythms to coordinate foot patterns with hip movements and rotations. It definitely challenges your cardiovascular endurance. No experience necessary.  Students should go barefoot. 


is great for beginners as well as experienced Hip-Hop dancers. Class starts with a short warm up and then you learn a phrase of Hip Hop choreography. We focus on one song for the entire class and practice the choreography over and over until you can flow from one step to the next. Students should wear sneakers. 


is a beginner level, classical ballet class. It starts at the barre with the teacher explaining, demonstrating and then doing each exercise with you with the music. For the second half of class, we move the barres to the side and you learn a set of movements called a combination. Each movement is thoroughly explained and then you practice the combination so you can master the steps. There is no right or wrong. We just want you to come and enjoy moving.  Students should wear socks or ballet slippers. 

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