The Maya Method is a fusion technique influenced by Pilates, Iyengar Yoga, Ballet, Modern dance, Functional Training, Alexander Technique, sports medicine and injury recovery.  The Maya Method transforms your midsection into your power center through concentrated exercises that isolate your core and glute muscles and simultaneously release tension in your lower back, neck, and knees


For over a decade, Maya Jocelyn experimented with different techniques and exercises to figure out how to develop the core, hips, and glutes (butt) without wear and tear on the joints. Working with clients of all ages, shapes, sizes, skill levels and various injuries, Maya created a technique called the Maya Method that strengthens, with laser-precision, the core and glutes while eliminating pain in the back, neck and knees.


The Maya Method does core work on a mat, while leaning back on a bosu (the blue dome pictured above) and the glute work standing on one-leg for lunges. These positions enable you to isolate the core and glute muscles. There are stretches throughout class to release tension in the body.

Your first Maya Method class may be disorienting since the targeted muscles, core and glutes, have a universal tendency to not work. At the same time, other muscles, like the legs and arms, have a universal tendency to overwork. The challenge, in the beginning, is to get the sleepy muscles (core and glutes) to activate and to get the overzealous muscles (legs, arms, neck) to relax.

Focusing on this enables your muscles to have a full spectrum of possibilities, to fully engage and fully disengage. This means that your weak muscles become stronger and your tense muscles become more at ease. By your third or fourth class, your body figures out how to use your core and glute muscles while letting go of your back, neck, and knees, 

The Maya Method gets harder the more you do it. Since there's less compensation, the targeted muscles have to do more and therefore become stronger and more powerful.