The Maya Method transforms your physical mental and emotional body. It develops your abdominal and glute (butt) muscles to be the power center of your body and simultaneously calms your mind and emotions through simple breathwork and innovative stretches.  The Maya Method understands that connecting your body and mind is a profound opportunity to impact you on all levels in a healing and empowering way. 

physical Renewal

Strong Core and Pelvic Floor

Isolate and engage your core and pelvic floor to profoundly strengthen your deeper abdominal muscles. 

Powerful Glutes

Build your glute (butt) muscles to be a substantial foundation for your spine.   

Open Torso

Open your shoulders/upper back to improve your posture and release neck stiffness and pain.  

Sculpted Arms

Target the back of your upper arms and shoulders to sculpt your arms.  

Elongated Legs

Tone the back of your legs and lengthen the front of your thighs, elongating your legs and protecting your knees.   

Relief From Pain and Stiffness

Relax and lengthen the restrictive muscles in your body, freeing your joints and melting away tension. 

Protection From Future Injuries

Learn to avoid the movements that cause injuries and proactively train your muscles to protect your knees, neck and low back. 

Mental Precision

Lower Stress Levels

Use the breath and core-work to calm the mind and help counter nervousness and distress.


Use the standing leg and glute exercises to help you physically and mentally ground yourself. Increase your capacity to remain steady in precarious situations.

the Eye of the Storm

Develop your ability to stay centered and focused in the midst of chaos.

 Emotional Resilience


Unplug and take stock of what you're feeling on every level: physical, mental, emotional,  and for some, spiritual. 

Let Go

Practice letting go of muscle tension as a way to practice letting go of mental and emotional tension.

Expand Your Limits

Go to your limits and learn how to negotiate with your resistance to gently expand your flexibility and become more physically, mentally and emotionally fluid. 

Practice Stillness

Indulge in the stillness at the end of every session to detox on all levels and to open to more positive, useful energy.