The Maya Method strengthens your core while helping your body heal aches, pains and injuries. People have long thought that you must do one or the other, either you’re strengthening the body or you’re working to heal it. The Maya Method accomplishes both simultaneously.

The goal of every Maya Method class is to develop the core and glute muscles while relaxing the muscles that habitually overwork like the neck, back and thighs. Working in this way, “uncoupling” muscles. enables you to strengthen your abdominal and hip muscles while releasing stress in your neck, back and knees. A Maya Method class focuses on internal movements that change your body from the inside out. In time, your body emanates strength from within while the tension in your neck, shoulders, hips and knees melts away.


The Maya Method does core work on a mat while leaning back on a bosu and does the glute work standing in one-leg lunges.  Your first Maya Method class may be disorientating. Once your body learns the form, the exercises will become more difficult, and therefore more impactful, with every subsequent class. You will be able to anticipate your muscles’ natural tendencies to avoid the work and you’ll be able to better focus your efforts on building powerful core and glute strength.

Studio Maya promotes a non-competitive environment that supports ongoing strength training, injury recovery, and injury prevention. The Maya Method also encourages a deeper and more responsive relationship with your body and mind. Regular Studio Maya clients report that, in addition to a stronger core and a calmer mind, they experience increased confidence and a deeper awareness of what their bodies need.


Maya Jocelyn's relationship with exercise was born from a lifelong passion for dance. Beginning with ballet at the age of five, she was fascinated by movement. Her knowledge of dance grew to include contemporary forms such jazz, modern, African, and swing, leading to her education at the Purchase College Dance Conservatory. When she was 18 she had her first injury, a twisted ankle. Though it didn’t seem like a big deal, it started an avalanche of injuries including severe, chronic low back pain. She sough help, but to no avail. With few resources in the dance community for dealing with injuries, she looked to massage therapy and energy healing to lessen her pain and earned her certification in massage therapy from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

After 10 years as a massage therapist helping people recover from pain and injuries, Maya began teaching people how to change the way they move to prevent the pain and injuries. She developed a method for deescalating pain and achieving relief. Her method was simple: stop overworking muscles that are in danger of injury and wake up dormant muscles, specifically the core and glute muscles, and make them a force in the body’s every day movements. Using her personal journey with injury, she works to start clients on their own journey to becoming more in touch with their body, mind, heart, and spirit.


 “The body has a language that it uses to communicate with us. It’s our job to learn how to translate that language.” —Maya Jocelyn