The Maya Method develops your abdominal and glute (butt) muscles to be the power center of your body and simultaneously lengthens the muscles that cause you to feel stiff. Every movement in the Maya Method has been meticulously constructed to maximize the challenge to your under functioning muscles while safeguarding your joints. The Maya Method fires up your core and frees your restrictions giving you a stronger, calmer body and mind.


The Maya Method is a concentrated core workout. The exercises isolate the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and build your abdominal strength rapidly and with exactness. Structurally, a strong core secures your low back, aesthetically it creates a toned midsection.


The Maya Method develops your gluteal (butt) muscles to be a substantial foundation for your spine. Glutes don’t like to work and getting them to activate is a challenge. The Maya Method exercises fully engage gluteal muscles and thereby transform your backside. When your body can rely on powerful glutes to lift whatever you need to lift, your low back and knees are preserved.  


The Maya Method uses the bosu to support your spine for gentle back stretches. It opens your shoulders and upper body and releases neck stiffness and pain.  Reversing the curve of your spine helps undo the damage of sitting in front a computer and significantly improves your posture.


The Maya Method tones the back of your upper arms and shoulders. Laying on a mat or laying on your side with your head supported allows your neck to relax. The exercises develop your arms and shoulders into longer, leaner muscles.


The Maya Method sculpts the back of your legs and lengthens the front. Strengthening the back of your thighs while teaching the front of your thighs to be more passive, protects your knees and elongates your legs.  

Relief From Pain And Stiffness

The Maya Method releases two muscle groups that cause the most pain and stiffness. The stretches enable your overworked muscles to disengage through a gentle process in which the muscles let go willingly and at their own pace.  By lengthening these two muscles groups, your entire body feels liberated, open and more at ease.


Every Maya Method exercise has been evaluated to assess the long-term risk to your joints especially your back, knees, neck and wrists. The Maya Method form limits the stress to your joints, moves you towards better alignment, trains your muscles to avoid potentially harmful movement patterns and returns you to a natural, youthful way of moving.

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Monthly Memembership plus

Monthly Membership PLUSincludes unlimited classes as well as one personal training session every month. One-on-one attention is the key to working through each and every block that you may encounter on the path to transforming your body. You can ask questions about the exercises in class or the areas of your body that you are struggling to change. The personal training session every month teaches you how to do progressions that are appropriate for you, improve your form and strengthen and sculpt your body to your specifications.

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Maya Jocelyn | Founder/Teacher

Maya began dancing at age 5 and continued on to complete a BFA in Modern Dance at SUNY Purchase. She went to Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and became a licensed massage therapist. For almost 10 years, Maya specialized in chronic pain/injury recovery and in 2006, transitioned her practice to movement specialist. Over the past 10 years, Maya has developed a core training and injury prevention technique called the Maya Method. It is strongly influenced by the Martha Graham Technique, Release Technique, Pilates, Functional Training, Flamenco and the work of Caroline Myss. Maya received her certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Pilates International and Annett Lang (Post-Rehabilitative Training and Pre/Post Natal Training). She opened Studio Maya in 2008 to create a positive environment for people to learn how to develop their bodies in a healthy manner.


Christine Krol | Studio Administrator

Chris completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at Purchase College. After many years as a designer, Chris is now a painter, collagist and visual art curator.


Danielle Henry | Brooklyn Booty, Bosu Body, Foam-Rolling

Danielle completed her BS in Communication and Gender Studies at Pace University. She became certified in Personal Training, Kettlebell Concepts as well as Annette Lang’s Pre/Post Natal Training and Intergrated Stretching. Danielle specializes in strategically driving muscles to fatigue in order to swiftly develop muscle mass.


Jess Grippo | Beginner Ballet

Jess grew up dancing ballet at the Joffrey Ballet School.  She took a break from dance to go to NYU where she completed a BA in Psychology and Sociology with a focus on Culture and Gender Studies. After college, Jess returned to dance studying jazz, African & Haitian dance, as well as comedy, and theater. Because of her own journey back to dance, Jess understands how it feels to be intimidated by the dance studio. She enjoys creating a warm, welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere for all her dance classes. Jess now has a creativity coaching practice with a program called, “You Can Dance Again.”


Jessica McCarthy | Specialty Class Series:  Candlelight Yoga

Jessica started dancing when she was 3 years old with modern, tap, jazz and Hip Hop. She went to NYU for a BFA in Dance with a minor in Psychology. Jessica has trained and performed nationally and internationally since she was 13 years old. She completed a 300 hour certification as a Mind Body Dance Yoga Teacher as well as certifications to become a Master Reiki practitioner. Jessica started Luminous Architecture in 2015 to help people heal their body and mind.


Kathryn Davis | Specialty Class Series:  Qigong

Kathryn is a Master Teacher of Qigong, an Energy/Vibrational Healer, Spiritual Doula and founder of the Kun Li Sheng™ System: The KLS Qigong Form & Healing Technologies, School of Applied Healing Arts and Temple of Understanding. She holds several certifications in Teaching Qigong and Qigong Healing Techniques from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. She’s also certified in Reiki EnergyHands-on & Distance Healing as well as the Sandlin Technique, a form of Indigenous bodywork based on vision quest and shamanic insight. Kathryn has traveled to Tiotihuacan in Mexico to connect with the Mayan, Aztec and Toltec healing traditions of the Nahuatl Culture and has traveled to Mainland China several times to study with Masters of Qigong and Taoist philosophy.


Latoya Goree | Zumba

LaToya started dancing when she was 7 years old. She trained in modern, West African, Hip Hop and ballet. She studied at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Dance Theater of Harlem and Hubbard Street Dance.  LaToya completed a BA in Advertising and Social Sciences and completed certifications in Zumba and Barre. 



Sara Nielson | Ageless Body, Yoga, Slow-Flow Restorative Yoga, Post-Natal Yoga

Sara grew up studying modern dance, Brazilian and West African dance as well as Hip Hop. She was also a competitive downhill ski racer. Sara received her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy from the National Holistic Institute. She then completed a yoga certification at the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica as well as the Yoga Union Back Care Studio. She also studied Restorative Yoga at ISHTA Yoga. Sara has been a licensed massage therapist for over 14 years and has taught Interdisciplinary Yoga for over 12 years.


Tara Kashyap | Brooklyn Booty

Tara was a client on the Pilates Reformer for over 10 years after which she completed her first certification in Classical Pilates. She began teaching on the Pilates Reformer and 8 years later completed another certification to deepen her understanding of the Pilates method.  Tara was particularly drawn to the emphasis on correct form to create muscular balance and alleviate undue stress in the spine and overworked joints.  


Tony Stephens | Bosu Body, Outdoor Class

Tony grew up playing basketball and football and continued through college. He then became a lifeguard and taught swimming for almost 10 years. In 2008, Tony became a personal trainer. He has completed the ACE and NASM certifications. Tony has also studied yoga, meditation and goal-setting for over 20 years and is a regular visitor to Kripalu Institute.  Tony specializes in functional training with a focus on cardiovascular endurance.


Tulsi Chase | Specialty Class Series:  Yoga for Back Care

Tulsi grew up practicing yoga, meditating with her parents in India and studying Indian classical
dance (Bharatanatyam). She holds a BA in Dance, Theater and Visual Art from Pomona College, and a MA in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She completed a 1000-hour training in Yoga Education from the renowned Kaivalyadham Institute in India.  Tulsi has taught yoga at the Harvard Wellness Center, directed programs at a Community Makerspace, and helped establish the first Altschool in NYC. She currently consults with holistic entrepreneurs and trains educators in yoga so they can bring true health and wellness into their lives and communities. At Studio Maya, Tulsi teaches Yoga for Back Care and serves as a consultant on the Board of Advisors to support Maya's vital vision and beautiful community.

Yxia Olivares | Zumba, Samba, Hip Hop

Yxia grew up dancing Samba with her family. She then studied in at Ballet Hispanico, Flamenco at Steps on Broadway and Hip-Hop, street jazz and Flamenco at Fazil’s Dance Studios. Yxia went on to perform and tour with recording artists including Will Smith, Wyclef Jean, Salt-N-Pepa, Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige and Sean Paul. Yxia transitioned her career to teaching after completing certifications in Zumba Basics, Zumba Step and Zumba Kids.